So, is this your first time playing paintball?

Are you about to begin your first paintball adventure? We have facilitated thousands of new players into the world of paintball and have a few tips to get you ready for your first paintball match:
• Be comfortable! Paintball is an active sport and you will be getting a little dirty. Wear comfortable, loose clothing. Long-sleeves and long pants are best. Lots of people like to wear surplus army gear -- that's great because it is designed to take a lot of physical activity. However all of our fields feature man-made structures, barricades and bunkers so you don't need it for the camouflage. Actually we see the opposite, most of our players LIKE to be seen (What a bunch of hams!)! It's also good to bring a hat to keep the sun out of your eyes and the paint out of your hair!
• Wear comfortable shoes. You will be on your feet all day so make sure you wear something accordingly. Your shoes will end up very dirty by the end of the day so don't were something that you want to stay clean.
• Get here early. We suggest arriving at least 20 minutes ahead of your group's scheduled playing time so we can get you registered and ready to go!
• Download the waivers and have them ready ahead of time! We have supplied a link to our player waivers so you can fill them out early.
• Bring a change of clothing. After a long day of paintball it's always nice to change into clean clothes for the ride home. It keeps dirt our of your car and if you car pool, it keeps your friends happy too!
• Bring your sense of adventure and humor because you are about to participate in an exciting and fun sport!

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